The Food Business Africa Industry Excellence Awards is an annual awards program that celebrates organisations and individuals who stand out from their peers for their drive for exemplary performance and impact on the society.

The awards program is aimed at encouraging innovation and excellence in the region’s food and feed industry.

Beyond the manufacturing sector, the awards also reward individuals who have excelled in academia and research, NGO/development organisations work in the agro and food sector and suppliers to the food and feed sector who have made vital contribution of the industry.

The awards seek to encourage the achievement of excellence in the sector that can be shared and celebrated together with peers - in the process inspiring the next wave of young people into the industry as investors, managers,  in Africa.

The award aims at the ultimate prize in the region’s food and feed sector - the Industry Manufacturer of the Year award.

The awards program has specific sector awards, awards to individual business leaders, and awards targeting excellence in a number of specific industry initiatives.

The Food Business Africa Industry Excellence Awards are based on excellence in a number of key areas: operational excellence;  innovations leadership; sustainability focus; quality, safety, health and environmental management; supply chain excellence; human resource management; and community service/impact.

The Food Business Africa Industry Excellence Awards ceremony takes place at a function during the Africa Manufacturing & Safety Summit (AFMASS) Conference & Exhibition every year.

The next edition of the awards ceremony is slated for April 26, 2018 at the AFMASS Kenya edition in Nairobi, Kenya

Eligibility Criteria

Majority of the award categories are targeted at companies or managers in companies that manufacture branded food and feed products for direct distribution to the retail or consumer market.

Suppliers (manufacturers or distributors to the food and feed industry), researchers and other stakeholders are eligible for the Industry Champions Awards and the Project of the Year - Suppliers categories.

Why you should participate

The Food Business Africa Industry Excellence Awards provide a good opportunity for you as an individual, your team and your company to shine in front of the very best in your sector and the entire food and feed industry at large. 

Apart from the obvious bragging rights, the award provides the following benefits to businesses and individuals who are feted at the awards ceremony:

  • Winners gain positive publicity for themselves and their brands in the media, including mainstream media. 
  • Winners gain valuable recognition from industry peers and other stakeholders, while enhancing the winner's company’s profile with key suppliers, Government, retailers and the general public in the region;
  • Winning boosts team morale, as the award rewards hard work from the entire team;
  • Winners get editorial exposure in our print and digital magazines (Food Business Africa and Industry Business Africa magazines) and online resources through company and individual profiles after the event, gaining further boost for their company and its products and services.